Preventive Dentistry Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection

One of the keys to maintaining good oral health is identifying and treating cavities as early as possible. Since even the smallest amount of decay can threaten the integrity of the tooth, finding and filling cavities is essential to preventing future problems.

Conservative dentistry is always the best option for patients. When we find decay early, teeth incur less damage and more natural tooth structure can be retained during restoration. DIAGNOdent can also find areas prone to future decay. Demineralization in teeth makes them susceptible to decay. By re-mineralizing with fluoride, patients may deter cavity formation. Dr. Lee believes prevention is best for the patient because it will reduce your need for future reconstructive dental procedures. Modern advances in dentistry, like DIAGNOdent, allow us to give you the most conservative and precise treatment available, and you deserve it. Now that’s something to smile about!

DIAGNOdent uses light energy so there is no X-ray exposure. It is painless, non-invasive, and prevents the need for “exploratory” excavation of suspected areas of decay. Not only does this technology allow us to prevent the spread of decay, but catching decay early means simpler and smaller fillings which preserves more of the natural tooth.   


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