Meet Us Dr. Les Milfred

Dr. Milfred knows that success is achieved with careful attention to detail, a willingness to strive for the best, and the exploration of new ideas. He applies these traits to the practice of dentistry, helping his patients maximize their oral health and creating beautiful, lasting smiles and functioning chewing systems.

Education and Professional Memberships

Dr. Milfred received his BA from State University of New York at Albany and his DDS from State University of New York, Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. His post-graduate studies include, among other things, one year of general practice residency at Oregon Health Sciences University.  

Dr. Milfred has attended numerous advanced-practice continuums and professional study groups to further his education. He is currently a member of:

He has spent many years studying the mechanical issues of chewing systems and bite dysfunction by studying with the KOIS Center in Seattle Washington.

Family Life and Community Involvement

Aside from helping his patients achieve optimal oral health through modern, progressive dentistry, Dr. Milfred enjoys surfing, bicycling and snow skiing with his wife and son. His other interests include reading, art, bluegrass music, and playing the banjo. Dr. Milfred participates in Donated Dental Services, a group that provides free dental care for patients in need and other community oriented programs.

1130 SW Morrison St., Suite 450, Portland, OR 97205 USA
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