Portland Dentist Teeth Whitening

A brighter smile can take years off of your appearance. Stains from wine, tea, coffee, dark foods, and some medication may age a smile over time. Eliminating these stains completely transforms a person's image. With professional whitening your teeth will sparkle like they did years ago. Many of our patients use take-home teeth whitening kits to indefinitely maintain a gleaming smile. Take-home kits come with custom molded mouth trays and professional strength whitening gel. The mouth trays are reusable, and you can purchase whitening gel from our office at any time.

Dr. Lee does caution that whitening systems may produce some levels of tooth sensitivity, typically to cold.  Sensitivity is usually always short term .Take-home mouth trays allow you to monitor and adjust the amount of whitening and sensitivity you may experience. We recommend that you begin with a smaller dose and evaluate your sensitivity over the next day. Increase your whitening levels slowly, and reduce it if any sensitivity is experienced.

Keep your whitening custom trays in a safe place away from pets.  Many patients "touch" up their whitening by reapplying for a few days every year or so.



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